moderated Re: "Pending Message" notification that could be clicked on to delete it. #suggestion



*However,* I'm not sure about the logistics of blocking approval and
rejection via email. It seems you still have the problem that the
moderator may start working on the message, and only after finishing
and attempting to send the approval or rejection do they find out that
the member has "claimed" (i.e., deleted) the message.
Both accepting and rejecting by email are nearly instantaneous events: you click Reply or Forward and Send - there is no time spent in an edit session. Now you may have spent some time thinking about the message before taking action, but there's really no way to handle that: no signal from you to say "I'm thinking about this pending notice in my inbox".

So unless I'm missing something, the basic problem still remains if
the mod is working by email.
I really don't see it as a problem. But that may just be my style being different than yours.

If I approve or reject by email it is usually because the decision for that message was instantly obvious to me. When a message needs consideration I tend to click through to the site to deal with it. If I'm lucky I remember to claim it before beginning to compose a message to the member, another moderator, or a rejection notice. If the message needs some trimming, redaction, or a mod note that edit has to be done on site anyway (and is the one action that currently does claim a pending message).


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