moderated Re: Emergency downtime #downtime


On Sat, Feb 22, 2020 at 9:10 AM Glenn Glazer <glenn.glazer@...> wrote:

Something we do at work is to use database replication to form a chain of three database hosts: alpha-beta-gamma.  If something goes wrong with the alpha host, we simply take it offline, promote the beta to alpha (e.g., change DNS, undo the read-only status of the beta), promote gamma to beta and then debug the old alpha offline and/or just make a new gamma.

We do run a hot standby, which also serves some queries. I'm trying to decide next steps, should a problem reappear, and one possibility is to switch over to the hot standby. That wouldn't be instantaneous, because I'd need to spin up a new hot standby before I brought the site back, because we don't currently have a 'gamma' as in your example. I may bring one up today. 


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