moderated removal followed by banning followed by unbanning wipes out Notes everywhere #bug


Previously, the fact that removal or banning wiped out the member's Notes in either the Past Members or the Banned list was only an inconvenience: all you had to do to access them was go to the other one in which they still existed and copy them over. (Note: originally the Notes were wiped out only in the Past Members list, which led me to the hack of banning the member if I wanted to see the Notes, because the Notes were accessible in the Banned list. Subsequent to that, a change was made that caused the opposite situation: Notes were no longer accessible in the Banned list, but only in the Past Members list; so to see the, that's where you had to go.)

Now, however, if you remove, then ban a member (for which you must use the email address), then change your mind and unban the email address, the Notes are permanently wiped out everywhere. This is more than an inconvenience. It's a problem.

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