moderated Activity Log summary for owner/mods #suggestion


On GMF we've noticed recently that there have been a fair number of questions where the answer could be found by checking the Activity Log for the group.  How about another option under Notifications for owner/mods that would send a summary of the previous 24 hours (since last summary) of the Activity Log?  It wouldn't need to contain details, just a summary of what's happened, but might be a clue to check the details of the log.  It would only need to have a line for any actions that occurred, not for all possibilities (though that's a remote possibility.)  An example:

Activity Log summary for xyz group:

27 members "sent message"
12 messages were "approved"
2 messages were "rejected"
1 person "changed their display name"
1 person "left"
2 people "joined"
1 "added wiki page"
6 "updated wiki page"
3 people "added photo"
and so on.


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