moderated Search Results Show Multiple Pages But 2nd Page is Empty #bug #fixed

Bill Hazel

I was looking for information on GMF's wiki for information on how to make a group's home page look like this group's, with "Active Topics", "New Sub-Groups", "Top Has Tags"
A search for "home +page" yielded 29 results
When I click on the link to page 2 or the next page arrow, I get a blank page.

I have had this happen to me before, at least a couple times.
I did not document if it only happens when there are only 2 pages of results but if memory serves (and I'd be skeptical of my memory), I don't recall it happening when there was more than 2 pages of results.

BTW - If someone with access to the code for this group's home page could reply to me privately with a text file of it, or send me a link to the wikipage with the information on how to do it,  I'd appreciate it.


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