moderated Re: "Pending Message" notification that could be clicked on to delete it. #suggestion


Exactly. Those are all great reasons!

On Feb 21, 2020, at 8:10 AM, Bill Hazel <william.j.hazel@...> wrote:

If I might add another reason to have a "Pending Message" notification:
I am currently a member of 6 groups, 3 that fall into the general subset that this one does.
Now, granted, most people's memory is probably much better than mine, but:
"Which group did I post that to?"
"Did I post to the right one?"
"Did I post?
are all questions i have asked myself.
The last one actually comes up more often than you might think because not all Moderators are as Johnny-on-the-spot as the Moderators of this group.



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