moderated Re: "Pending Message" notification that could be clicked on to delete it. #suggestion

Michael Pavan

On Feb 20, 2020, at 5:48 AM, J_Catlady <@J_Catlady> wrote:

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 01:48 AM, Michael Pavan wrote:
The Sender's options would be to Edit or Delete the Pending Message.

If the message had already been approved, it would be too late for the Sender.
If a Moderator/Owner attempted to moderate a deleted Pending message, it would no longer exist.
Not bad except for this part. The issue is when a moderator starts to moderate a message first, and then the sender gives the instruction to delete. None of this solves that, which is really the only problematic issue.
Valid, but minimal point.
If one Moderator/Owner currently starts to moderate a message, are all other Moderators/Owner prevented from doing so?
If more than one Moderator/Owner currently is moderating at the same time, does who ever finishes first prevail?

Although the slim likelihood of both the Sender and a Moderator/Owner would be interacting with a Pending Message at the same time might be greater than two (or more) Moderators/Owners doing so, there currently seems to be little or no problem. I suspect that would continue to be the case.

If there currently is a 'lock' that prevents more than one Moderator/Owner from interacting with a Pending Message, could it not also be used to prevent any second party (whether Sender or Moderator/Owner) from doing so.

That being said, such a 'coincidence' seems too rare to be worried about.
If it is such a worry, Senders should think more about what they post before sending...

Whether a Pending message had been Claimed or not would only affect where Moderators/Owners could moderate the message. (No change)
The idea is that if the message is claimed (assuming that feature even gets implemented), the sender would not be allowed to delete it. That would solve the issue. But it would involve fairly massive changes to the UI (web and email notifications) that seem overly complicated just in order to let a user change their mind about a message sent.
Currently Claim only prevents other Moderators or Owners from moderating a Claimed message (or approving/rejecting a Claimed subscription request) by email.
All Moderators (with appropriate privileges) and Owners can alway moderate/approve via the web.
I agree that "fairly massive changes" don't seem worthwhile to change the Claim feature.
Otherwise the suggestion is to use existing structures in more places.

The part about giving the sender a copy of their message if posted via email sounds fine. I still see no reasonable way to allow a sender to delete a pending message.
The same way a Moderator/Owner can Forward a Message Approval Require email notification to Reject a Pending Message,
a Sender should be able to Forward their Your Message Requires Approval email notification to Delete the Pending Message.

I agree with the original poster's notion, but it is not a pressing concern of mine.
It does seem that the current way functions in a 'parallel manner' for Moderators/Owners, it could also for Senders.

I wouldn't argue against this improvement because it might prevent whoever acted first from determining the outcome...

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