moderated Re: Change DMARC behavior for p=none #misc



Currently plain text versions of group mails do not contain the 'reply
to sender' option in the footer, only in the html version if it
The reason has to do with the fact that those are mailto links, and they necessarily include the text of the subject line. They'd be sizeable and quite ugly as URLs in plain text.

If this is to be implemented can we add 'reply to sender' to the
footers in these messages as well please.
Maybe call it "New message to sender" instead. That would be a mailto: link without the Subject parameter. Which would be more honest in a way, as mailto links can't create actual replies (can't invoke the mail interface's Reply function) in any case.

One limitation is that email interfaces vary in whether they will linkify (make clickable) a mailto: URL found in plain text; some do, some don't (whereas most will linkify an http(s): URL detected in plain text). So some of your members may still have to resort to copy/paste; but at least they would have a non-munged address to copy.

It might be better to just include the plain text of the sender's address in the footer, for easy copy/paste.

And then perhaps decouple this suggestion from the DMARC issue. That is, make it a stand-alone suggestion in its own topic.


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