locked Updates #changelog


Hi All,

I completed a bunch of changes last night involving how we handle photos. Most of the changes were internal, but here's what you should see:

  • Photos, both in the photos section and sent as attachments, should now be oriented correctly based on their EXIF info (jpegs only).
  • For Emailed Photos, there's now a pointer back to the message.
  • You can now sort photos, either by name or when they were taken.

Other, non-photo changes recently:

  • We now send subscriber notifications when people are approved in restricted groups.
  • Calendar reminders that appeared in digests did not have the HTML from their descriptions removed. That's been fixed.
  • The default is now to not send calendar event announcements to the group.

Please let me know if you see any weirdness, especially with photos and photo attachments.

Thanks, Mark

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