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Glenn Glazer

On 2/16/2020 11:23, Chris Jones via Groups.Io wrote:
On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 06:37 PM, Charles Roberts wrote:
The GMF is supposed to be a place for Owners to go to seek help.  <snip>  Supposed to be Owners helping Owners, but rarely is a question answered by someone other than a "Moderator".
Although this is wildly off - topic for beta one reason is that many Group Owners on GMF only go there to pose a question and look at the responses; they don't go there to try to help others and generally see what is going on. They are only interested in their own problems and not anyone else's.

Take away the moderators and see what happens...


I generally agree with what Chris is saying here, but I will add that moderation is stylistic, just like anything else. I very strongly suspect that all of us in our own groups moderate differently than others, there is no One True Way. Moderation styles run from literally no moderation, anything goes to rather draconic approaches and a spectrum between them. In part, it depends on the group's needs and culture as it evolves and also on the personal tastes of the moderators. Welcome to the human condition.

For me, personally, do I believe that GMF is a bit too strongly moderated? Yes. But I don't complain about it because a) the right answer is, "Well, start your own group then." and I don't want to take that on and b) because I recognize the really good (and mostly thankless) work that Shal, Duane and others do, so I'm willing to put up with their style because I evaluate people holistically, not just on whatever burr happens to rub me the wrong way.



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