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On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 01:10 AM, wrote:

There have been numerous opinions

None of them (= moderator) privileges mention “also can demote existing owner”.

I cannot conceive WHY this time-bomb, which now is common knowledge and
undisputed. has not been defused.
Probably because it requires a shedload of programming, and/or Mark hasn't gotten around to it.

Either THAT option should be deleted
No, it needs to be REFINED. We seem to all agree that a *moderator* needs to be able to appoint another *moderator*, but should not be able to *demote* an *owner*. The problem is that both fall under the same privilege now

the power for a moderator to demote an existing owner should be removed

Once this is done, it is not necessary to appoint co-owners who would then
have the immediate power to demote or remove the existing acting
administrative owner.
Whether a (co-)owner should have the power to demote a (senior) owner is a different matter.
My opinion is that (s)he shouldn't have that, and I'm on the fence on whether a moderator should be able to demote another moderator

A moderator with all other owner powers can keep a group functional indefinitely.
If (s)he can appoint another member to moderator and give him/her the necessary privileges, yes

groetjes, Ronaldo

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