moderated Re: Deleting attachments when out of space #update

Bruce Bowman

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 06:58 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Attachments will be deleted from the oldest messages first. The text in the messages will not be deleted, just the attachments themselves. I will delete enough attachments to get the group to 95% of their storage limit. After that, the process will run nightly to keep each group under their storage limit.
Mark -- Just following up on this. Per Friday's changelog, the attachment purges appear to have been implemented, but it's not happening in one of my groups. 

I have 13% attachments, 38% photos and 58% files for a total of 109%. "Storage Limit Reached" (used to be called Out Of Space) is set to Delete Old Attachments. I am unable to upload additional files and photos, which is good. But the purge of oldest attachments has not happened, and I'm at a loss to explain why.

It's not causing me any actual hardship, but I thought you'd want to know. Please contact me off-list if you need the group name.


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