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Ronaldo, et al... 

There have been numerous opinions contributes here under the above subject, under [beta] "Protecting the original Owner from rogue co-Owners #suggestion, and under [GMF] "Absentee Owner Succession feature and [GMF] "What if Owner dies?, each addressing (at least in part) the common concern of succession of a single owner in case of unexpected demise, departure or extended disability (and what then to do).

There is no simple place to go or straightforward procedure specifically addressing the subject of moderators.  Instead, we have to select a member by name, then click on “Role” after which the choices are “ owner  Moderator” or “Member”.  After choosing “ moderator”, there are no less than FIFTEEN optional “Permissions”, at least one of which permits a moderator to demote an existing owner.  

FIVE of these have in parenthesis further information, i.e. “(also allows…).  None of them mention (“also can demote existing owner”).  

I cannot conceive WHY this time bomb, which now is common knowledge and undisputed. has not been defused.  Either THAT option should be deleted or the power for a moderator to demote an existing owner should be removed such that this land mine in new group choices is defused.  Either is effective, so whichever is easiest should be done.  

Once this is done, it is not necessary to appoint co-owners who would then have the immediate power to demote or remove the existing acting administrative owner.  A moderator will all other owner powers can keep a group functional indefinitely.

An so to the question of group leadership in case the Owner function is unexpectedly vacant, whether from unexpected personal emergency such as death or disability, or abandonment.  In this regard, I think needs to have a policy of requiring each group to have or select a single person as their contact for all official business.  

This is a matter for legal staff to contemplate.  If it were made part of revised “Terms of Service”, all related uncertainty is eliminated.  Banks, telephone companies, etc. do this annually and even more often.  Not something we clients of need concern ourselves with.

When this is done, concurrently should go back to the place discussed in the second paragraph above.  Following the “Role” of “owner  (and before “Notifications”) there should be a place requiring an entry for an Owner/representative successor designation.  This would be a blank where each group would be required to enter the name of a “contact” authorized to speak for the group in case of unexpected demise, departure or extended disability of a serving Owner.  

That person would have NO power whatsoever pending actual  demise, departure or extended disability of a serving Owner.  Problems solved!  NO “cans of worms!



On Feb 15, 2020, at 4:10 PM, Jeremy H via Groups.Io <jeremygharrison@...> wrote:

My thought (as expressed on GMF) is that there should be certain 'Owner only' privileges: I would suggest they are (1) the ability to make/unmake owners; (2) the ability to delete or rename their group; and (maybe) (3) the ability to set up a 'will file', as to what should happen if they go missing.

Everything else can/may be granted to moderators, including the ability to make others moderator: one possible extension to moderator privileges is one to 'Set (for others) only moderator privileges that they have' (but not those they don't).

The issue of what to do when the only owner of group goes missing is a another can of worms: as I see it, this is a situation that can only be fixed by Mark/ support intervention, for which they should have a published policy (which might be to do nothing).


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