moderated Re: Restrict "Set Moderator Privileges" Permission #suggestion #done

Jeremy H

My thought (as expressed on GMF) is that there should be certain 'Owner only' privileges: I would suggest they are (1) the ability to make/unmake owners; (2) the ability to delete or rename their group; and (maybe) (3) the ability to set up a 'will file', as to what should happen if they go missing.

Everything else can/may be granted to moderators, including the ability to make others moderator: one possible extension to moderator privileges is one to 'Set (for others) only moderator privileges that they have' (but not those they don't).

The issue of what to do when the only owner of group goes missing is a another can of worms: as I see it, this is a situation that can only be fixed by Mark/ support intervention, for which they should have a published policy (which might be to do nothing).


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