moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Added additional monitoring of the search cluster.
  • INTERNAL: Switched over to a new Elasticsearch 7 search cluster. All of this work around search has multiple goals:
    • The old search cluster was under-powered and running on older software, and nodes were prone to freeze up.
    • Defining a new member index for a new member directory search.
    • Switching the existing member list search to use the search cluster with the goal of allowing groups to add additional custom fields for members, which could be searched upon.
  • INTERNAL: Re-indexed all of our data in a new search cluster.
  • BUGFIX: Found a file descriptor leak in some networking code.
  • INTERNAL: Began deleting attachments in groups that are over their storage allotment.
  • CHANGE: Changed more instances of subscriber to member on the website.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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