moderated Add Charter Rules to Wiki #meta


I would like to suggest that the Charter Rules for this group
be added to the Wiki.

It would help educate newcomers to the group, and remind
veterans of the group, about the rules of engagement.

To assist with this suggestion, I have extracted elements
from the various emails on this topic and added them below.
This is a rough draft.



To capture new features, updates to existing features, and bugs.

Alternate Help : HOW TO
Groups IO Help

Group Managers Forum : Messages

Group Managers Forum : Wiki Knowledge Base

The Charter
This is the new charter for the main beta group. This message
outlines how I've changed the set up and would like to run the
group going forward.

This group is now set so that all NEW topics are moderated.
Therefore, expect a delay before your post shows up if it
creates a new topic.

This group now requires topics to be tagged with a hashtag.
These are the currently available category hashtags for users :





#bug hashtag is for submitting bug reports to
instead of

#fixed hashtag is for bugs that have been fixed.

#suggestion hashtag is for new features, and for changes to
existing features

#done hashtag is for suggestions that have been implemented

#meta is the tag to use when making suggestions about this group.

If you want to post something and are not sure which hashtag to use
or there isn't an appropriate hashtag, use #misc, and I will fix it.

Posting Etiquette
Avoid using "I agree", "me too", "No one will use that", "That would
cause a mess", and so on

Discussions/additions/clarifications should be fact-based and add to
understanding or clarification (or forbid improvement) of someone
else's suggestion, not leading to defending one's opinions (rather
than presenting or clarifying facts,) which adds tons of chaff.

Proposal for Proposing Proposals
It seems it would be good for there to be a way to 'discuss' an
idea (the "proposal") before it actually becomes a suggestion.

Which means that the suggestion process involves two steps, the
#proposal and the #suggestion.

Once a consensus is reached (and only then), submit a #suggestion,
referencing the proposal topic. If there's no interest in the
#proposal, it does not become a #suggestion.

Ideally, I would not have to moderate (or spend much time involved
with) the #proposal process. I think we all want me focused on
actually getting stuff implemented. :-)

Some proposals are discussed in the GroupManagersForum that eventually
find their way into as a suggestion.

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