locked Re: Suggestion, owners and moderators to receive confirmation member has been subscribed after approval

Christopher Hallsworth <challsworth2@...>

Lovely. Thank you for doing this, very much appreciated.

On 01/04/2015 18:24, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 12:27 PM, Christopher Hallsworth
<challsworth2@icloud.com> wrote:
Hello everyone,
The subject says it all. It would be quite nice to receive confirmation that
a member has been subscribed after an owner or moderator approves the
pending subscription.
Thank you, take care.
I've changed it so that on member approval, the notification email
goes out saying that the member has subscribed to your group. You'll
get this email if you've set your subscription to 'Email me when a
member joins/leaves the group'.


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