moderated Re: Default database view #suggestion #done

Samuel Murrayy

On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 09:02 PM, Chris Smith wrote:
It would be really useful to be able to set a default visibility on database columns.
I agree, it's not always necessary to see all columns at the start.  One may wish to include certain information in the database for the sake of completeness even though that data is not the main function of the database.  It would be good if the table owner can specify which columns should be considered the "default visible" columns (and perhaps have a button "reset table to default view" so that people who showed or hid certain columns can easily revert to the table owner's preferred view), and if the system could remember an individual member's previously viewed set of columns.

The fact that the viewed columns is not remembered affected the way I designed some of my tables.  For example, I added old mails to the database, and had a separate column for sender, receiver and date, but I really wanted the body of the mail to be most visible (and the other columns only there for when the database feature starts supporting search within specific columns), but since those columns get re-visible each time the user visits the table, I have opted to simply NOT have separate columns for sender, receiver, etc.

We have a use case where we want to store a HTML page, but when you view the rows it looks a mess, as the entire HTML page is being displayed.
Hiding that column by default would be useful, but another useful feature would be to specify a default maximum height of a row (so that the cell appears truncated until the user does something, e.g. click inside the cell or select the row and select the option to view the row individually).


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