moderated Re: Restrict "Set Moderator Privileges" Permission #suggestion #done

West Coast CompaƱeros Staff

On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 12:09 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I suggest that the existing "Set Moderator Privileges" flag should not allow a Moderator to edit the Role field. Promoting/demoting people to/from Moderator or Owner strikes me as an Owner function.
Bruce's suggestion neatly takes care of the first of three related issues that have been, and continue to be, discussed at great length in the GMF group. As such, I strongly support Bruce's suggestion.

(The first issue is protecting groups from rogue Moderators who would usurp the functions of the Owner(s). The second issue is protecting the "real Owner" from rogue co-Owners who would depose and remove her/him, or even delete the group. The third issue is ensuring group continuity by a succession mechanism for transferring group ownership when the last existing owner is deceased, disabled, or missing in action.)

I don't want to hijack Bruce's thread, so I will start a new topic where we can work on the second issue. The third issue is the trickiest and messiest, but any comprehensive solution will need to deal with it.

Robert R.

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