moderated Re: use either User Name or Display Name consistently in banning/banned list and removal/past members list #suggestion



Another thing I'm noticing: when I go into the member's history (the link above) and from there into her member page, the Display Name is showing up again as her user name (i.e., to what it was before we changed it in our group). Yet the name has *not* been changed back to that in our group. What seems to be happening is that after a member is removed from a group, and they change their Display Name overall, the name changes *in the group history*. That seems akin to rewriting history and strikes me as very wrong. I think all historical records of the member, while they were in the group, should maintain their history in the group and not be rewritten to take into account anything that changed outside the group. If that's what's happening, I don't think the situation is just that the display name is no longer (easily) available. It has actually been (wrongly) changed in the group's records.

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