moderated Re: use either User Name or Display Name consistently in banning/banned list and removal/past members list #suggestion


We no longer had the 'customized' display name, so we used her default display name, which is what you see in the Banned activity log.

That's what I suspected, as I wrote here: "Possibly, once a member is removed, the Display Name is no longer accessible? That somehow doesn't seem right. It seems like it should be available in the history."

So when you say "we no longer had the 'customized display name,' I am asking, why not? Couldn't the log use the last Display Name the member had in the group? Or is it too much of a PITA to have to go thru the history to get it? I do understand that if the email address/account being banned was never a member of the group, all that's available is the account/user (or "default") display name. But I don't understand, at least in theory, why the group display name couldn't be used, even if the member is no longer in the group. 

To be clear, not finding the member in the Past Members list as a result of the mismatch had me flummoxed for some time, and may flummox others.


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