moderated use either User Name or Display Name consistently in banning/banned list and removal/past members list #suggestion


Banning activity and the banned members list show the member under their User Name in the first column, but removal and the past members list show the Display Name there. You can see that in this removed/banned member's activity log, gleaned from the banned members list (this will be accessible only to Mark):,sub&subid=7710274

The second from the top line says that I removed X, but the top line says that I banned Y. Which is not big deal, because the email address is the same, and these are consecutive in the log. However, when I looked a few days later for the member in the past members list, I was looking for the wrong name and thought at first that the member did not appear there (I had to search for the email address). Possibly, once a member is removed, the Display Name is no longer accessible? That somehow doesn't seem right. It seems like it should be available in the history.

(BTW note the NMM3 badge in the Banned List record, whereas the history shows the member had some messages approved. But that's for the other topic.)

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