moderated group-activity "is bouncing" vs. "bounced" log entries don't match search criterion "bounced" #bug


This is a more accurate rewrite, this time as a bug, of a #suggestion I just wrote about bouncing/bounced log entry mismatches. Here are the actual problems. (I will either delete the previous suggestion or Mark can do that.)

When a member starts bouncing, a group activity log entry is created called "is bouncing." But in the search dropdown of the log, there is only a term "bounced" (no "bouncing") and the term "bounced" returns both. Making matters more confusing, "bounced" activities are not so marked in the group activity log -  when the system internally marks the member as bounced (and adds a red "B"), the log entry created is still "is bouncing."

These mismatches/conflations make it impossible to either use search terms or to search by hand through the group activity log with the goal of distinguishing these two different actions. 

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