moderated Re: A 554 Bounce code not recognized as bouncing on first occurrence #bug #fixed

Chris Jones

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 08:59 AM, I wrote:
I'm not currently aware of any "anomalies" but I'll have a closer look later; for the moment other off - line activities have to take precedence!
Off - line activities completed (for now!) I have had a more detailed look and now think I have seen the anomalous Activity log entries mentioned; they only seem to arise for a very small number of bouncing members, manifesting as a greater number of recorded bounces than group traffic can account for.

As it happens I do not use the Activity log entries as part of the weeding process, relying on the member's activity and email delivery records as the guiding factors in whether or not to delete them from the group.

Also (FWIW) I think I have seen these anomalous Activity log entries prior to the recent bugfix.


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