moderated Re: Bounce handler adds "is bouncing" log entry for bounce from another group, when member already blue B in the group #bug


After reconnecting with the 554 bug topic and John's original and subsequent messages, I see that the multiple log entries were the result of bounces of the bounce probes themselves, not bounces from other groups. So I'm amending this bug to say that I don't think "is bouncing" log entries should be created in a group once the member is already marked as blue "B" in the group. The email delivery history should stay complete, but there is no reason to log "is bouncing" once that has already occurred. I think the subsequent log entries should either be eliminated (they are confusing/misleading) or changed to read something along the lines of "bounced a message." The current entry (when subsequent to an already existing entry "is bouncing") sounds as if the member's status has changed, when it hasn't.

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