moderated Re: A 554 Bounce code not recognized as bouncing on first occurrence #bug #fixed


Chris noted the following:
""Our" Monthly Message goes out as a Special Notice on the 1st of every month and the outcome was that about 72 new bouncers have been listed. I haven't checked every one but those I have checked were all on Special Notice deliveries and their recorded bounces were all listed... one per month."

So the new behavior in both his group and mine seem related to that bug fix. My group member is also special-notice, and she was noted as bouncing for the first time on only on Feb 1 of this year, despite her most recent successful delivery showing as April of last year. So the bug fix did finally note her as bouncing. And there was just once bounce. It's the log entries that seem off.

I wonder, Chris, whether you also have some duplicate log entries as well, like my group does for the one bouncing special-notice member.

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