moderated Re: Hide Email Addresses In Archives fails to mask email addresses in Display Names #bug


On Sun, Feb 2, 2020 at 11:21 AM, Shal Farley wrote:
In a normal working group the member's email address is not displayed in either the lists or the opened messages - only the display name.
Exactly. But the display name IS the email address (since groups. io harvests it from any email sent to the group) or blank (if they've sent no email yet) until the member or a mod changes it. And I understand your issue to be that you can't change the display name, because there's no place to do that if there's no member - there's just the email address.

I'd be happy to leave that exception and not mask the fill-in for a member with a blank display name (that's outside my use case).
What I don't understand is why you think this is an "exception." IIRC (and I may not), fig-leafing of email addresses was distinctly discussed and implemented for email addresses *that members post within their message bodies.* Not for the members' own email addresses.

What if the Display Name for a non-member simply read "Non-member"? .. Ack, no. Then users reading the archives couldn't tell who's writing except by opening the message body and hoping for a signature.
I would say that anyone who wants to be treated as a group member should join the group. That means that either their email address will display with their messages, or (as I suggested) the person would not be identified at all. I would argue strongly against masking all email-address display names in every group that masks email addresses in message bodies (which includes mine) just because of the odd (IMO) use-case where you want non-members to post AND have their email addresses hidden. 


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