moderated Re: Hide Email Addresses In Archives fails to mask email addresses in Display Names #bug



Imagine a message showing up as being by "Suzanne@..." and your group
has 10 Suzannes (which is actually the case in my group:).
It seems highly unlikely that even two of them have Suzanne as the user part of their actual email address. That would mean that they have unique email domains. On the other hand ten given names of Suzanne in their display names is believable, but would be an issue outside the scope of my report.

Or I'm misunderstanding the suggestion.
I think so.

In a normal working group the member's email address is not displayed in either the lists or the opened messages - only the display name.

Except for members with no Display Name set. I'd be happy to leave that exception and not mask the fill-in for a member with a blank display name (that's outside my use case).

In my use case the Display Name shown is the part of the From field that came before the < which delimits the email address proper. And in the cases I have those are plenty diverse enough to identify senders, even with the requested masking of domains.

What if the Display Name for a non-member simply read "Non-member"?
Ack, no. Then users reading the archives couldn't tell who's writing except by opening the message body and hoping for a signature.


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