moderated Re: Reply to Options #suggestion


So Reply to OP may not be completely intuitive either as the FUNCTION of the Private button IS what I'm after.  It just needs to be clear what its for and IMO needs to be clear its a reply function at all.  Again a drop down off the current REPLY button makes it clear;  so maybe like this:

  • Group
  • Private
Or  as a separate button:  "Reply Privately"  or "Reply Private Email"

Moving it next to the current Reply to group with color in this latter case,  off to the tight without color just makes it counter intuitive.  (you have to think like it's your first time on such a page - would you "get it"?  I didn't after years of posting...I never needed it and when I did I didn't see it...  I looked at the "reply" option (blue text and green) where I would expect to find it and it wasn't there.  I even checked the "More" blue and Nope...

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