moderated Reply to Options #suggestion


There are Reply settings with options for reply to:
  • Sender
  • Group
  • Sender and group
What I think is needed is an option for 
  • Sender OR Group
  • Maybe select a default for one or the other in the settings
This would entail a selection in the Reply page for the responding party to select one of the other.  


One of my groups has this need to support the ability to contact a member, for instance when an offer for selling something comes up.  I want them to be able to reply directly to the person making the offer, and not fill the mostly technical discussions with back and forth for the item being sold  - to take the sake of the item off line from the group.  Selling things is NOT the primary purpose of the group, hens the ask. 

Having every reply go to both sender and the group for every reply just increases Email traffic unnecessarily,

Another option might be a three way selection option on the reply page for, reply to: 
  • Sender
  • Group 
  • Sender and group 
Again an option to select one of the three options by the responding party - This would be OK for my purposes also.
And agian, maybe select a default for one of the three in the settings

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