moderated Re: suggested change to use hashtag to control sending megs #suggestion


no, no, no.  No member would be required to pick from hashtags.  Merely, if, just say for example, a message was to be sent to only one select group, the members in that group could be in a list that IDs  them as part of that group.  Simple exampe

say there’s 25 moderators. 

thr could be on a list, for example I’ll call it “mod-list” 
I’m suggesting a feature that using a hashtag, a post could be easily directed to that list and only that list. 

so a topic might look like this example (I’m using a different tag symbol $$ just so it’s obvious). 

Special meeting notice $$mod-list. 

(“message body”)

the message would be sent out to everyone on the “mod-list”. 

the lists could be for any purpose or purposes that any group found helpful for their use. It would make sense to limit the number of lists to a reasonable number (say 5 for example).)

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