moderated Bouncing Member List Management screen enhancement #suggestion


Hi Mark,

The way the Bouncing Member
list management screen works currently, unless if one has anything but maybe 5-6 list entries, if there is a bunch to go though and check the bounce history screen, the constant back and forth can be cumbersome and time-consuming, even if using both mouse and keyboard shortcuts and/or doing it in multiple tabs.

It would be helpful when one is at the list level, to have some indication of why the members are bouncing, since one could then do a quick first-pass this way and eliminate the ones that are dead (unknown addresses, etc); this should help cut down in the time needed to do the maintenance.  Since it seems all the member management screens share the same underlying functionality so modifying columns may be not desirable, a low-impact way to do this could be to have the blue and red Bouncing badges display not just the "Bouncing" or "Bounced" text, but also the latest entry from the "Recent Bounces", something to this effect:


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