moderated Re: Banned not in Banned list #bug


On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 10:44 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Now, banning by entering an email address behaves the same way as the other banning: we keep their member notes, messages to moderators, join date, etc. Previously we did not.

1. Bad news: this is still not working. I just banned someone using their email address, and their notes are gone in the banned list.

2. There is a further remaining mismatch: the banned list contains the banned member's email delivery history, but their "history" shown in the past members list does not. (This is not a biggie, but the mismatch is still disconcerting.)

3. While I'm at it, a suggestion: the banned list provides checkboxes and actions, but the past members list does not. It would be helpful to add actions to the past members list. For example, you might remove someone and decide only later to ban them. But currently, you can't ban someone from the past members list; the only way to ban a past member (who was not banned at the time of removal) is to use their email address. 

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