moderated forcing digests


From: Mark Fletcher <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 23:01:54 CET
I currently force digests every night (with the caveat > that if someone had recently gotten a digest, a new one > doesn't go out).
Does "recent" have a definition?

I always assumed that digests were sent out whenever the oldest message in waiting had been there for 24 hours...or as soon as there were 12 messages in the queue

But otherwise digests can go out at any time,
depending on messages sent to a group. And I've been > contemplating changing the forcing of digests so that > it would work more like summaries do, so that a digest > would be forced at 6am based on a user's timezone, instead of everyone getting forced at 10:30pm pacific time.
If we're going down that road, maybe make it a subscribers' option, something like: "send me a digest with remaining messages at [preferred time UTC] every day"

BTW 22.30 pacific means 29.30 or 30.30 UTC, which is 06.30 where I live. So for me the change would be moot

groetjes, Ronaldo

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