moderated auto-acknowledgement from support is back (yay) but missing original message #bug



This morning I sent an email to the support address, about a logged-in location in the Subscription Approval Notice not matching the member's location as stated in her questionnaire response. (I wanted to know what was going on, it was possibly not a bug, and it was inappropriate to post here as a bug since I had to send you the member's detailed information.) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the auto-acknowledgement is back. However, the acknowledgement didn't contain the text of the originally sent message, as it used to. That could make it difficult to locate these emails later, since now there is only the title to search on. Calling this "misc" since it's either a bug (if unintentional) or a suggestion (if intentional).


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[Mod Note: Changed hashtag to #bug]

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