moderated Re: Message # not working #bug

Sarah Procter Abbott

Last week I changed how we fetched messages from the database, to make it more efficient. This changed how the Message # function worked. Previously, if you typed in a message number, that message would be positioned at the top of the returned page. After the change, it is not guaranteed to appear at the top of the page and most likely will appear in the middle of the page instead. I have set it so that it is now highlighted, with the blue vertical bar, so you should be able to locate it on the page.
I know this is not an ideal change. I made this change because the previous way of getting data from the database was becoming very inefficient, leading to slow page loading times. I had to fix it before it got worse and started affecting other aspects of the site.

Thanks. Yes, that works. Not ideal, as you say, because how is anyone to know to scroll down unless they're told to do so, but once one knows, it's fine. I note # of messages to reply to at my convenience, so use this function a lot. I'm sure others do too.

Again, we really appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes. So grateful for this service! We've just had the 20th anniversary of our very active group and the switch over to io went really smoothly.


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