moderated Re: Option to change file uploader display name for owners and moderators #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 11:42 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
I know that this isn't quite what you were saying but there is a catch if an owner uses a temporary change in their Display Name for something like this. Samuel; in your case if you changed your D/N on one of your groups to Group Owner prior to uploading a File or Photo (or posting a message) then indeed whatever you do will be attributed to Group Owner. However, if you then change your D/N back to Samuel Murray then the attribution applied to whatever you just did will promptly change from Group Owner back to Samuel Murray.
Yes, I believe I said so in my post.  This is consistent with how many online forums work -- for example, on forums where my picture is displayed next to my post, on most forums it always shows my most recent picture (i.e. a post made 20 years ago will display my current face, not my face from 20 years ago), which is quite unfortunate.  So, similarly, I can understand that it is at least not *inconsistent* with global online forum usage that if someone were to change their display name from Miss Robinson to Mrs Robinson, then all files that they uploaded when they were still a Miss are then shown to have been uploaded by the Mrs.


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