moderated Re: Option to change file uploader display name for owners and moderators #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 09:46 PM, Samuel Murray wrote:
I understand that some group owners register a temporary group owner profile specifically to avoid this sort of thing from happening when they prepare their groups.
I know that this isn't quite what you were saying but there is a catch if an owner uses a temporary change in their Display Name for something like this. Samuel; in your case if you changed your D/N on one of your groups to Group Owner prior to uploading a File or Photo (or posting a message) then indeed whatever you do will be attributed to Group Owner. However, if you then change your D/N back to Samuel Murray then the attribution applied to whatever you just did will promptly change from Group Owner back to Samuel Murray.

The only way around this (currently) is to have a permanent alter ego with a different email address (and thus by definition a different account) with the Display Name of Group Owner.


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