moderated Option to change file uploader display name for owners and moderators #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy


As group owner, I uploaded some files to my group's Files section, and now it says (when looking at the list of files), "Uploaded By", with my own name in that column.  I don't mind that people can reach my profile page by clicking on my name, but I would prefer to have the option of seeing only "Group owner" or "Group moderator" instead of my own name.  Having my own name in that column creates the impression that I uploaded the file in my personal capacity, when in fact I only uploaded these files in preparation for the group's grand opening.

So my suggestion is that group owners and moderators should have the option to show only "Group owner" or "Group moderator" as the file uploader.  Whether clicking it would lead the user to the actual person's profile page is not a problem for me (I have no opinion either way, whatever is easier to implement).

(I understand that some group owners register a temporary group owner profile specifically to avoid this sort of thing from happening when they prepare their groups.  I also know that changing my profile page for the group will change the name in that column, so I can change my profile name to e.g. "Group owner", but then I would no longer be able to participate in the group as an ordinary member.)


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