moderated Re: Enlarge the vertical size of the "Your Groups" pull-down menu #suggestion


>>> At that time it was a variable width (and when an idiot creates a group name 30 words long, so was the window... ;/ )  while the vertical height drop down dropped below the window pane entirely... which Mark changed to the current condition.  So using a laptop for two decades I'm restricted in height (as will be many others)...

>>>On my tablet, in landscape, it fills most of the screen, so I wouldn't want it any taller.  I believe the current ~15 lines is a compromise that accounts for most, if not all, possible devices.

I probably did not make it as clear as I should have.  First, I'm not asking for the width to change at all; and second, neither to ALWAYS be dynamically-changed up or down from what is now.

It can stay as it is now if the browser window height is smaller than the menu height (which it already does now if one resizes the browser to a small height smaller than the menu height) or if the available space/height left is under some set percentage.  In other words, behave the same as it is now, this would be the minimums, there would be no negative impact whatsoever to existing users, and the only time the menu height would change would be if the browser window height is so large in relation to the existing menu height (as when it happens now when using a PC with the typical larger screen/resolution of nowadays), in which case it would then dynamically enlarge the menu height to take up some certain percentage of the available real estate, I don't know, like 75% maybe.  For those who use smaller-height screens, nothing would really change (although they may get a few extra lines displayed possibly, depending), only those who are using larger screens would really get the taller menu benefit; and if they resize their browser window down, it would resize back down, and stop when it reaches the current minimums.


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