moderated Re: Banned not in Banned list #bug


On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 10:44 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Right now, when you enter an email address by hand to ban, we do not send out the Banned member notice. This is even the case when the person you are banning is a member of the group. I propose that, when you enter an email address by hand to ban, and that person is a member of the group, that the Banned member notice is sent out.
I agree that this would be correct (i.e., consistent/expected) behavior, if there's an active Banned notice, and if this applies only to members and not non-members, which is what you are saying here. So sounds good.

Now, banning by entering an email address behaves the same way as the other banning: we keep their member notes, messages to moderators, join date, etc. Previously we did not.
Great. Thanks. 

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