moderated Re: Process to propose new features #meta

Bob Bellizzi

First, I want to apologize for my inappropriate last message which I've deleted.

I want to climb on Catlady's bandwagon a bit further.
Tracking items in Beta, once we have a system to work with, is not a technical job.
A clerical person with a bit of training and minimum of process notes/diagrams
could easily  handle that part of the job.
The job could be a part time consultant and Mark need only spend a couple of hours training them to do it.,
In fact, a nontechnical person would be ideal; we wouldn't be able to browbeat them; they're just doing their job.
I've found it pretty easy to train 16 year olds to use a database.  My current problem is a paucity of them in my neighborhood.
All that's needed is a simple but expandable system where the results are available to the carnivores of Beta to see.


Bob Bellizzi

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