moderated Short and long descriptions for hashtags #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy


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At this time, hashtags have a "description", but it is really meant to be just a single line of text, i.e. a short description.

I suggest that hashtags be given both a short description (the current "description" field) and a long description. The long description would be visible on the hashtag's own page. The long description should be able to contain formatting, images and hyperlinking.

When the current hashtag descriptions are viewed on the home page or on the hashtag page, there isn't much room, but if you view a hashtag's own page, there is more room.

This may not benefit all groups, but groups where hashtags are used more deliberately may benefit from this ability. Examples of long hashtag description may be to explain when the hashtag should be used, or to show back-ground information about the issue that the hashtag applies to.


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