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Doesn't GMF already deal with discussion of proposals, including, but not
confined to, proposals for facilities that already exist? I've certainly used
it in that way at least once, and I know others have also.

Jim Fisher

On 21 Jan 2020 at 10:27, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Hi All,

Ken in mentioned something I've been
thinking about. Right now, proposing a #suggestion is a free-for-all. Duplicate
suggestions appear often. Previously discarded suggestions come back up, etc
etc. It would help me if we could establish some kind of process around it, a
way to help people vet their ideas before they are officially proposed. It would
not be my goal to put up roadblocks or otherwise intimidate newbies from sharing
their ideas; the opposite actually. I want to increase the quality of

It seems it would be good for there to be a way to 'discuss' a proposed
suggestion before it actually becomes a suggestion. Which means that the
suggestion process involves two steps, the #proposal and the #suggestion. I can
see two ways of doing the #proposal:

- Create a new, unmoderated subgroup to discuss proposals.
- Add a new feature to hashtags that would work as follows:
- The topic is set so that no one follows it.
- Replying to the message automatically sets you to follow the topic.
- You would be able to manually follow the topic as well if you wish.

In either case, once a consensus is reached (and only then), submit a
#suggestion, referencing the proposal topic. If there's no interest in the
#proposal, it doesn't become a #suggestion.

Ideally, I would not have to moderate (or spend much time involved with) the
#proposal process. I think we all want me focused on actually getting stuff
implemented. :-)


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