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It removes the member if they are currently a member, it removes the account’s click button to apply to or join the group via the web, and it results in only a log entry (“banned member attempted to join the group”) rather than a pending member notification if attempting to subscribe via email. Banning can be undone by “unbanning” the email address. None of this functionality is in dispute. But the results are inconsistent with the intended functionality, mostly due to implementation issues involving the fact that a separate member record us created for a banned address. 

On Jan 22, 2020, at 9:47 AM, Jeremy H via Groups.Io <jeremygharrison@...> wrote:

Looking at the GIO help, and GMF wiki, did not provide me with an explanation of what ban/ning/ned means: and I think that a decision on what it does - logically - is the first step.

There seem to me to be two options - is it:
  1. A prohibition on a member from participating in the group, temporarily or permanently, with them - some time later - being either unbanned or removed from the group: i.e. they remain a member of the group, but with 'banned' status (so they can't do anything)
  2. A 'removal with attitude': i.e. they are deleted from the group, with a 'banned = prevent from rejoining' flag set in their 'past member' record. (Should there be any other difference between a 'banned' and a 'removed' member?)
(The 'banned = prevent from rejoining' flag should also be set/carried into their 'past member' record in (1) if they are subsequently removed).



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