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Simon's idea and others - 

It really doesn't matter whether the discission or let's call it "fine-tuning" is accomplished here (beta) or a subgroup, or a whole different group.  A name is just a name, that's all.  It could be called Initial Suggestion Group and Final Suggestion Group.  Who cares?  My original point was, Mark doesn't need to see the harangue of comments that leads up to some formulation of a (near final?) version of a #suggestion.  

Let me be clear that in no way did I suggest that those discussing the #suggestion would usurp and of Mark's control.. but relieving him of needing to necessarily monitor all the discussion (and there can be MANY as we know that lead nowhere, and many that lead to consensus -- or at least partial.)

Perhaps when a topic is first #suggested on that group (or sub) it might also be moderated initially.  If it's a duplicate, (or in Mark's mind is defo a "don't bother" non-starter)  we could be told before heading off into the discussion sunset?

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 07:11 PM, Simon Hedges wrote:

I'd like to suggest that it's done the other way around, with Beta as the more open freer group where "proposals" can be discussed. Then if Mark endorses them he create a post in a subgroup for "suggestions" (though maybe "candidates" might be an alternative), where people can look if they want to see what's potentially going to be adopted. That's like to result (in the "suggestions" group) a better formed, appropriately tagged and managed, list of potential changes.


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The proposal process seems too complicated to me. If I want to make a simple suggestion like, "I think the background color should change to orange on Halloween," I don't want to have to go through a proposal phase for it.

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