locked Re: Is it better for the home screen to be group details or an archive of previous messages?



I wonder if people would be more likely to join a group if the
messages were displayed first, rather than the group information
page, once the group has a few messages.

Additionally, seeing that page each time you come back to the group
probably is less useful given that you are more likely to want to see
the messages, then the group information that you've seen fifty times
This is a question that went round-and-round a few times, with lots of confusion, in the early part of Yahoo Groups Neo.

Part of the confusion was the meaning of "go to the group" or "come back to the group". The exact answer is that you end up on the page specified by URL you used. What else?

So really the confusion had to do with where people were obtaining the URL. But in discussion people were not being specific about whether they were talking about a bookmark, a link in a message/digest, the link in the list of top groups on the left, the link in the All my Groups page, a link in the directory or a directory search result, ...

Part of the confusion had to do with a technical difference between the URL structure of Classic and Neo groups. In classic an URL of the form:


referred to the group's "home" page. In Neo that syntax is a 404 error - there is no "home" or "base" page for the group.

Rather one uses:


for the About page. So now we have "home", "about" and "info" as synonyms in the Yahoo Groups vernacular, further muddying the language. And yes, they also made that silly change to "groups" in plural; that's not my typo.

But back to the point, it isn't so much who the user is (member or non-member) that ought (IMO) to determine where they end up, but where they get the URL. So it is important to specify that as part of any discussion about where a link "to the group" ought to take the person.

-- Shal

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