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On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 11:10 AM, Mo wrote:
Maybe instead of a free for all we concentrate on one area of the system at a time.
It's not a terrible idea, but I don't think Mark would necessarily get the best product from that. The features he's thinking about at any given time are unlikely the ones where people have a great idea that just happens to pop into their head. And people (we) are unlikely to save up feature ideas for the time when Mark happens to be asking about that area of the product.

I think thinks were going along just fine with the new hashtags, as long as someone (i.e., Mark or a designee) is keeping track of the suggestions. I think ultimately that's the problem and what's causing the chaotic free-for-all. Nobody was keeping track. I was thinking along the lines of refining the situation, possibly with further hashtags to let members keep track of what's *not* done or fixed, but keeping the same structure. 

I assume that bugs are tracked somewhere officially in, for example. Is there not, or could there not be, a method for tracking feature suggestions as well? Of course it would require human input. It can't just chug along by itself.

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