moderated Expanding expanded message view upon mouse hover #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy


Currently, if you want to read messages via the web site, you can either use non-expanded view (which shows only a very short preview of each message, without line breaks) or expanded view, which expands all messages fully.

It's not really possible to follow a conversation in non-expanded view, but the expanded view shows too much (I mean, it results in too much scrolling and makes it harder to get a global overview of things).

So, I would like to suggest a type of expanded view that contracts each message at either 10 lines of 1000 characters, and where the message automatically expands in full when you hover your mouse over the message (or when you click anywhere on the message). I believe this is possible in modern HTML. The top of the message should not move upwards or downwards when this expanding (and re-contracting) occurs.

I'm not suggesting a feature in which the messages are truncated with a "See more..." kind of link that must be clicked in order to see more. I mean, I would have no objection to it, but then I would like the "See more..." link to be close to the scroll bar and easy to click without having to move the mouse too much.


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