moderated Re: Process to propose new features #meta

Samuel Murrayy

On 21/01/2020 19:27, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Right now, proposing a #suggestion is a free-for-all. Duplicate suggestions appear often. Previously discarded suggestions come back up, etc etc.
Well, if you could implement a search feature in GIO that allows users to limit their search to (a) the subject line and (b) the first message in a topic, you can reduce much of the reposting of previously made suggestions. It's a rule in many bug/feature posting systems that it is considered good manners to check the past bug/feature posts, but that is difficult here because one can't avoid including subsequent comments in the search.

It would help me if we could establish some kind of process around it, a way to help people vet their ideas before they are officially proposed.
Yes, that is why on several other software projects I've seen, there is a bug-and-feature discussion group where anyone can post anything, and then there is a separate bug-and-feature submission system, where people submit their bugs/features in a more formalised way. The bug/feature submission systems do have discussion capabilities, but the majority of discussions take place in a discussion forum that is separate from the bug/feature submission system.

Sometimes, such bug/feature submissions are carefully crafted and are the result of discussion elsewhere, and sometimes people just post without having checked if the issue has consensus because they believe their idea has merit without having to ask others.

It seems it would be good for there to be a way to 'discuss' a proposed suggestion before it actually becomes a suggestion.
[Sorry, I must say this: it's curious how you use the word "proposal" for the informal submission and "suggestion" for the formal submission. I would have thought the opposite: something is either a mere suggestion, or it is submitted as a formal proposal. So, be prepared for people misunderstanding these two terms.]

In either case, once a consensus is reached (and only then), submit a #suggestion, referencing the proposal topic. If there's no interest in the #proposal, it doesn't become a #suggestion.
Interest in discussing an idea can increase or decrease depending on many factors (holidays, weekends, trends, post quality), and it would be unfortunate if good sugg^H^H^H^Hproposals were prevented from being brought to the developers' attention simply because the world's attention happened to have been elsewhere, or because no-one else had any opinion about it.


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